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The beautiful Romanian countryside

The beautiful Romanian countryside

ROMANIA – The Enduro Paradise
Romania is the last European Union country where you can ride your dirt bike without any restrictions making for the ultimate adventure motorcycle tours.

We describe Romania as an Enduro paradise, and anyone who’s ever been here will confirm that.

Here we’re allowed to ride freely, the way we did when the Enduro sport was still young. The only limits are our physical fitness and the range of our fuel tanks.

The ways through which Romania can be discovered are various, yet the one with the greatest amount of adrenaline, adventure and extreme sensations is the one that brings the machine and the human being together: Enduro tours

SIBIU (Hermannstadt) – Enduro Capital of the World
Between 1692 and 1791 this was the capital of the Transylvania. Sibiu is one of the most important cultural centers of Romania, and was designated a European Capital of Culture for the year 2007.

Formerly the centre of the Transylvanian Saxons, the old city of Sibiu was ranked as “Europe’s 8th most idyllic place to live” by Forbes.

Sibiu has an international airport with direct connections to Germany, Austria, England and Spain as well as to other Romanian cities. The airport is one of the most modern in Romania and can receive all types of commercial aircraft.

The home of Red Bull Romaniacs (the hardest Enduro rally in the World) is in mainland Europe in the ancient medieval city of Sibiu. The off road tracks are in the wilderness, forests and valleys and across rivers of the Carpathian Mountains ranges in Romania.

In Sibiu, the participants will be met with a selection of the best, most impressive and most difficult tracks, which challenge even the world’s best riders every year.

Just five minutes riding from hotel you’ll find beautiful terrain waiting for you that will captivate your heart and mind with its soft hills, grassy mountains and its long and extremely steep ascents with unbelievable grip. And it will pose a real challenge for your riding skills and conditioning.

Following are some of the most popular types of tours people look for in Romania

XTREME TOURS – The Ultimate Adventure Motorcycle Tours

Discussing the adventure

Discussing the adventure

If you’ve long dreamed of taking a vacation with your friends in the world’s best Enduro region, then you must take part on one of the dirt bike Standard Tours. Guests do daytrips on this convenient tour from the attractive, centrally located hotel. This breeds great regional familiarity and relief from having to pack and unpack every day.

Imagine arriving in the Enduro Capital of the World for the ride of your life! And imagine a full day’s ride on the challenging tracks with scenery you’ve only seen on postcards. You can ride with professionally trained tour guides or kick back for a day at the spa with a special someone.

You find luxury in specially selected hotels where all you have to do after a tremendously rich day of riding is to eat, drink, laugh with fast friends and get some sleep before doing it all over again the next day.

Just think how relaxed you’ll be on such a journey like that. And if that interests you there’s information at the end of this article that will show you how get more information.

Gorgeous views all around

Gorgeous views all around

From January to December you can get the best service and solutions to create your own customized tour. You can find everything from “wine and dine” to “ride and hike” motorcycle tours as well as combined on road and off road tours, mountain bike and 4×4 off road trips.

My friends and I have personally scouted, mapped out and operated more than 200 different off road routes on all Romanian mountains, So we can help you if you would like us to, and we’ll be happy to mentor you and your group when you want to create your own dream-come-true tour anywhere in Romania.

Some of the things we are asked to help with include picking the right time for a tour, the perfect location and how to connect with other like-minded riders. We’ll help you put a plan together – map it all out for you – and then you make the final decisions to have the off road and adventure experience of your lifetime.

A special motorcycle tour for your sales team, your customer service group or your retailers can be great motivation for top business results. And a tailor-made incentive tour like this for your group be one that they will never forget.


If your group wants to tour by itself (and the certain requirements are met) you can reserve a date exclusively for them. You can get a special proposal created for your tour and the bigger the group, the smaller the price per person.

You can also incorporate other adventure experiences if you’re looking for premium travel requests for small groups. Some of the activites include mountain biking, 4×4 off road, ATV, trekking, horseback riding and paragliding adventures. They can be day trips to multi day tours with guides that lead groups with up to 8 persons on extraordinary routes according to the experience and the technique of the group (offering advice and support if needed).

In order to organize more compact tours from the point of view of the groups experience and technique there are three levels of difficulty for guests.

Gravel roads and field trails alternating with single tracks without steep ascents or descents, and with the occasional detour on tarmac roads to pass off-road segments that are too extreme and to have some coffee or a beer. Challenging and achievable!

For this level there is an offer that includes one day of rest, in which we can organize sightseeing tours to Sighisoara, Biertan, Dracula’s Castle etc. The families of the riders are also welcomed and will be well taken care of and a schedule prepared according to their wishes.

Deeply rutted gravel roads with washouts and potholes, eroded open trails with water holes, firebreaks, dried-up riverbeds with big stones, river crossings, single trails with tight turns as well as extreme ascents and descents, demanding river and stream crossings. Passing over trees fallen on the ground, ascent and descent regions on sand or stones.

For those who want to exceed their limits, occasionally, they can access extreme lines, which can be done only by adventure pros.

A tour in which extreme challenges are everywhere: rock ledges, loose rubble, deep sand, ruts, slippery surfaces in combination with steep ascents or descents. Also on the itinerary: mud holes, steep slopes, slope traverses and passages that require courage and a cool head – a fast-riding tour with many challenges that must be overcome!

The most difficult off-road segments will be ridden in every kind of weather, even in rain or high temperatures. Due to the generally high level of difficulty, this level lacks longer, easier segments and the swift pace makes great demands on the riders’ physical fitness. The group truly needs team spirit to get through the tour.

Catalin Ene is an extreme Enduro riding expert with years of experience with adventure motorcycle tours. You can contact him at:

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GoodTime Xtreme Tours Sibiu is the first fully licensed Tour Operator which offers premium enduro tours, off road trips, adventure travel and customized tours in Sibiu, Romania. Whatever comes to your mind will be organized by true professionals.

We came to life thanks to the simple necessity of sharing the unthinkable beauties offered by the Transylvania area to those who crave for adventure.

With a rich experience in motor sports and tourism, the Xtreme Tours Team will make your expectations come true. We will be with you all the time, prepared to offer you everything you need so that your stay in the Romaniacs Country will be a truly extraordinary experience.

Transportation, accommodation, meals, logistics, dirt bike rental, cars rental, service, entertainment are just a few elements through which the Xtreme Tours Team makes their adventure tours a joyful time that must be shared with friends.

Enjoy breathtaking contrasts of this unique country, while we take care of your comfort, safety, and all logistics. Forget the illusions of touristic attractions in the glossy travel catalogues and saddle up your steel-horse as you discover the real Transylvania – the parts most tourists never see – and allow yourself a well-deserved change where you can go with us for unique and unforgettable enduro adventure motorcycle tours.


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