Mountain Climbing

Overall rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ – 5 adventure travel stars

Mountain climbing adventure

Reaching the summit

If you’re looking for a pure adrenaline rush, and you can laugh in the face of danger, then you might want to try a mountain climbing adventure.

On the one side there is great risk, but you’re also going to be placing yourself in some of the most beautiful, pristine places on earth, and the views are absolutely spectacular.

Picture yourself high on a mountaintop breathing in the crisp, clean air and enjoying a breathtaking view for miles, and miles in every direction. You got here because you’ve accomplished something few others would even attempt.

As a mountain climber you’re in an elite group of adventure seekers who know what it means to be self reliant and resourceful, and the payoff is one of the ultimate adventure thrills of a lifetime.

Risk Factor
Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ – 5 adventure travel stars

There are no two ways about it. A mountain climbing adventure is dangerous. You have to be willing to accept a significant amount of risk, and risk management is job one.

If you can’t keep your mind focused for a long period of time then you don’t belong on a mountain climbing expedition. One brief mental lapse can cost you big time.

There are a lot of hazards to contend with whether you’re climbing a sheer mountain face in a warm climate or a mountain covered with snow and ice. Following are some of the more common risks.

Getting hit by falling rocks, snow or ice can be a problem. Sometimes the lead climber can grab hold of loose rocks and they shower the climbers that follow, and sometimes there are ill fated occurrences like avalanches.

Weather can also become a hazard in a very short period of time. Winds can kick up in a heartbeat and temperatures can change quickly. Weather at high altitudes can be especially dangerous when you factor in the thin air which can make it hard to breathe.

Getting injured or straining muscles, tendons or ligaments are some of the most common hazards, and when you’re dangling hundreds of feet above the ground you aren’t in a position to get much first aid. Mountain climbers have to learn to work through pain.

And last, but certainly not least, there’s always a risk of falling. With the excellent gear available these days the risk is smaller from the equipment side, but make a mistake, physically, or in your judgment, and you could be on your way down for a very hard landing. Some of the causes for falls include the mistakes made when a climber is fatigued, dehydrated or exposed to excessive sunlight.

The high risk-factor is just part of the deal for this travel and adventure experience, so if you’re not comfortable with what you’ve just read you need to try something a little more tame.

Skill & Physical Factors
Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ – 5 adventure travel stars

When it comes to the skill needed for mountain climbing you can choose a mountain to fit your ability, but generally speaking you’re going to need a high level of skill for this sport.

A lot of the skill will come from good training and the experience needed for making good decisions about the route you take, what you’re going to grab and how you’re going to grab it. There’s no substitute for good judgment.

One skill you’re going to need is a mental one: focus. Mountain climbing isn’t a sprint, so you need to be able to keep your focus on details as well as the big picture when you’re traversing the face of a rock over a long period of time.

You’re also going to have to have a high level of fitness, which will include both physical strength and endurance. If you’re not in great shape you need to go into training before going on a climb. That will include weights, cardio work and you might want to do some hiking and some basic rock climbing excursions to prepare yourself.

And don’t forget to consult with your doctor prior to climbing to make sure your body can handle the physical stress.

Fun Factor
Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ – 5 adventure travel stars

Mountain climbers are a special breed of people. If you like the adrenaline rush that comes with living your life on the edge then this sport may be for you. And if that’s the case you’re going to really enjoy a mountain climbing adventure where you’re life is in your own hands, literally, every inch of the way.

I’m going to give mountain climbing five stars based on the philosophy that where there’s great risk there’s also great reward. And there’s certainly a lot of risk attached to mountain climbing.

I’m also basing the rating on what mountain climbers have to say about their sport and the passion in their voice when they talk about it. I, for one, am not a good prospect for a mountain climbing adventure, so I’m just going to take their word for it.

20 popular places for mountain climbing
  • Ben Nevis, Scotland
  • Cerro Tronador, Río Negro, Argentina
  • Devils Tower, USA
  • Gunung Bromo, Indonesia
  • Half Dome, USA
  • Jebel Toubkal, Morocco
  • Kilimanjaro, Tanzania
  • Matterhorn, Switzerland
  • Meandering river, Pakistan
  • Mount Elbrus, Russia
  • Mount Everest, Nepal
  • Mount Fuji, Japan
  • Mount Khuiten, Mongolia
  • Mount Olympus, Greece
  • Mount Rainier, USA
  • Mount Sinai, Egypt
  • Table Mountain, South Africa
  • The Andes, Peru
  • The Meteora Mountain peaks in Thessaly, Greece
  • Torres de Payne, Chile
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