Travel Planning Resources

Adventure travel planning is a very important part of the journey, so if you’re planning a trip see the helpful resource links below and click on what you need below.

Remember, before you go scampering off to some exotic overseas adventure travel destination, make sure you’ve covered all your bases.

Please contact me via email (click on the contact link at the bottom of the page)  to suggest any resources not listed here if you think they would be helpful, and I’ll do my best to add them.

Foreign currency conversion

Foreign Currency Conversion
How far will your money go in the place you plan to visit? Will you get the same bang for your buck as a different destination with comparable experiences? Check it out by comparing the numbers.

Travel Health Care Information

Travelers Health Information
Get the most accurate health care travel information by clicking on the links included here. You would be wise to check out two or three of the sources in order to get a comprehensive overall view from different perspectives.

International Weather Forecast

International Weather Forecast
Prepare for any international weather conditions by simply clicking on one of the links below to see if it’s rain or shine, or if there’s some new snow on the way if you’re looking forward to skiing down the slopes.

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance
You have several good options. One of the most popular is from Travel Guard, but there are other good companies, so rest assured knowing that in just a few seconds you can have all you need for complete travel security.

Passport / Visa Services

Passport / Visa
Have you checked passport visa service off your adventure travel planning checklist? If not, you’ll find some help below when you click on one of the links you’ll find here.

Online Travel Guides

Online Travel Guides
Online travel guides can help you get all the detailed information you need where your adventure travel planning is concerned.  Check out the links here for both overseas adventure travel trips and excursions closer to home.

World Time Clocks

World Clock
World clocks are an important part of your adventure travel planning process.  Once you’ve figured out the ‘where’ for your adventure travel excursion, you’re going to need to check on the time zone for it.

World Travel Advisories

World Travel Advisory
Whether you’re getting ready for overseas adventure travel or something closer to home, following are several up-to-date travel advisories from different countries that will help you get a clear picture of any global safety concerns.

Online travel forumsOnline Travel Forums
If you’re looking for online travel forums and don’t want to waste a lot of your time searching you can simply click on one of the links below. All of the work has done for you, so this is the quick and easy way for you to get right down to business.

Travel packing list generatorTravel Packing List Generator
Create your very own universal travel packing list with a few clicks of your mouse. This is an incredibly handy tool that customizes a list of things you need to pack for just about any adventure travel destination in the world. It’s a simple, quick and easy process. Give it a try.


Additional resources

If you would like more resources you can try the one in the Adventure Travel Planning Resource Directory.


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